Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick! Take the Picture Before the New Kid Comes!

We did it! We actually had family pictures taken. And it only took two years of Landon's life to do it. As far as anyone knows, this child doesn't exist except for various beach, OSU football and "look how messy I am" documentation. I suppose that's his natural element anyway.

These are also the first real pictures Tyler and I have had taken in seven years. Seven years! We were young, we were carefree, we a wedding dress and tux. Yes, that's the last time we had pictures. I tried to get Tyler to go with me to Glamour Shots at the mall a couple times but for some reason he always just stared at me and then walked away. Lame.

Anyway, here's a few of my faves from the day (meaning the ones that Landon is not screaming in - and a couple where he is). You'll notice he has a toy truck in his hand for some of the pictures. We were also feeding him snacks in between takes. Next time, I'm going to have the fit just to see what I get.

Thank you to Ally - our fantastic, talented, patient, creative, wonderful photographer!! No one crouches down and fake hiccoughs to entertain a toddler quite like you!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Letter To My Belly

A good friend of mine recently told me that she writes letters to her unborn child. She writes about her dreams for her daughter and the things that scare her and touch her heart. I thought this was a wonderful idea and will open the foundation for an unparalleled bond that mother and daughter will cherish.

I thought I might give this a try myself. But, my friend is thoughtful, creative and dreams in big writing in the sky whereas I tend to sit on the grass and notice all the dead plants around me. So when I sat down to write a letter, here's what I came up with:

Dear Baby in my Belly, 

I don't appreciate the addition of love handles you've added onto your temporary home. Really, not necessary. 


The Woman Giving You Life

I wonder if this kid still thinks it has time to change wombs.