Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Look Ma! I'm Blogging!

Well, now you’ve done it, digital universe. You have officially broken me down. Congratulations on your annoying persistence. Yes, after years of faithfully stalking other people’s innermost thoughts or looking in on their latest adventures (sounds kind of creepy now that I’ve written it down) I’ve decided to throw my own musings against the wall o’internets and see what sticks.

Would you mind scooting over to make room for me on the bandwagon? Thank you.

This blog will not be about what fantastic craft I have created out of satin ribbon, chicken wire and hole punches shaped like little boats. Nor, at the risk of disappointing my mother and pretty much every other long-distance family member, will this be a play by play of my 10 month-old son’s every move and how completely adorable he is. Well, at least not entirely. He will be a prominent feature mainly because he makes up my every day - and he is absolutely and completely adorable.

In no way do I intend to demean other blogs that offer these things – they make up the majority of my own voyeuristic entertainment. I love seeing what other people can create and the great activities they do with their kids. It allows me to live vicariously since my last craft project ended with more than one shiny object accidentally glue-gunned to my cat and my child would rather try to see if his head fits through the pet door than sit down for My Baby Can Read flashcards (did I mention how cute he is? Because he is).

While I lack most chronicle-worthy (read: actual) talents, I suppose I do have something I can offer. I think. A lot. Like too much. Like my husband often needs me to give him a road map of how one thought leads to another. Like the time that we saw a Redwood tree on a t.v. commercial which made me wonder out loud about how tall they were which led me to discuss the merits of proposed tax increases on certain products which ended in my vehement proclamation that green M&M’s do in fact taste different from red M&M’s and are the best M&M of all! Yeah, like that.

Klassygal is all about the loose threads hidden on an expensive piece of clothing. From the outside, it looks perfectly put together. But on closer inspection, one pull and the whole thing comes apart and you’re standing there naked. Why you were only wearing one piece of clothing, I don’t know, but nonetheless your perfect façade is gone. It’s what we really think when we aren’t trying to sound smart. So if you enjoy discussing Proust, spending half your month’s salary on beverages adorned with little cream hearts on top or if you actually read through every article of The Economist rather than just the beginning and ending paragraphs for “the gist” then this may not be for you. But feel free to stay, you may glean something from the babble ahead.

But if, like me, you enjoy a little philosophical discourse every now and then, are viewed as knowledgeable about world events and open to myriad cultural experiences but you also regularly frequent PeopleofWalmart, snicker at the word pianist and even after seeing it 100 times, still find Charlie Bit My Finger absolutely hilarious (Ouch Charlie! OOOUUUUCCH!) then read on, my friends.

Read on.


  1. You are such a good writer! I am thrilled you have a blog.

  2. My daughter is brilliant and dang funny too! But still I would prefer a chronicle of my grandson's every move. love,mom

  3. Klassy.

    Blog away, lady. Can't wait.