Sunday, April 10, 2011

Special Sibs

My article assignment for April was to look at how siblings of special needs kids are affected. This one was probably my favorite to do so far because I learned so much and was so impressed by everyone I interviewed. The information I learned from my research, I think, is applicable to raising any kid, not just those in families with special needs.

The Hess family is an absolutely outstanding example of how to take trials and make them into triumphs. Their daughter, Sophia, was one of the most well-spoken, well-adjusted and compassionate kids I have ever met. I felt like I was talking with a 30 year old, not a 13 year old (and not in the Jennifer Garner sense).

I didn't get a chance to include this in the article due to length, but I was also impressed with all the support the Hess family received. In the hip hop class that Henry takes, there was another 10 year-old little boy named Ben who volunteered to be Henry's partner to help him learn the steps. Ben spends all class learning the steps for himself and then teaching Henry slowly so he can feel included. After every sequence, Ben gives Henry a high five and tells him he's doing a great job.

Lately, there's so much discourse on bullying, self centeredness and "mean kid" behavior in youth today that it's easy to feel hopeless for our future generations.

But with kids like these, I'd say the future is looking bright.

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  1. On Lance's side there is a newphew with Autism and you should see his sisters step up to the plate and help him out its awesome!! As for the terrible 2's Wyatt has totally hit them. It also doesn't help that I am 9 mo preggers. He also has a molar coming in and a UTI...seriously bad weeks lately :) Thanks for checking on my blog. I will post pics when baby is here