Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There's a Little Good Mom in Us All. Kind Of.

I made peach cobbler today.

From scratch.

With fresh peaches.

From my very own peach tree.

That I just found out I had last week.

Even though my backyard is about 30 square feet.

I never claimed to be especially observant.

It was delicious!

As is anything with dough and a high sugar content.

I did not wear an apron.

Mainly because I was wearing old, comfy pajamas.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Landon took my inattention as an opportunity to explore.

By taking everything out of our Lazy Susan.

And shoving fistfuls of raisins in his mouth.

Covered in pre-made bread crumbs and Swiss Miss.

Landon, not the raisins.

I should have made him wear an apron.


  1. You kill me. I, too aspire to be the pop, lock, and drop it mom. So we'll kick it together. Props on the cobbler!! (and I think the freckles story is one of my favorites:) Loved your favorite things!:)

  2. Hey! I just found some comments on my blog from you!!! Thanks for visiting and keeping in contact--it seriously made my day!! Sorry it took so long to get to them, apparently I had comment moderation on? Anyways, I'd love to give you a call or a text sometime but I'm not sure I have the right number.... instead of just calling it, I thought I'd check the fun way! Is it still 9##-2##-7#5#? Do you get texts?

    We'll (or at least, I'll) probably make it down to Columbus sometime in September. When Tyler gets his schedule that month let me know and maybe we can time something so the boys can get together, too. We always love seeing everyone!