Tuesday, September 21, 2010

There Are So Many Other Things I Should Be Doing...


1. Finishing the article I am writing for Columbus Parent Magazine. That's what I originally opened my laptop to do. 1 1/2 hours later and I have not even opened my word file. Dang you Mental Floss and your addictive array of useless information!

2. Going to bed. It is almost 10 pm and Tyler and I have the night habits of 80 year olds. But Tyler's working tonight so I'm going to party it up. Maybe stay up until 10:30. Maybe I won't even floss tonight. That's right - You heard me.

3. Putting all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. But the way they are piled up is such a feat of physics that I don't want to disturb it.

4. Figuring out how to spell physics. It took me at least 5 times to get from psychics to phsyics to pjysics (slip of the finger) back to psychics and then to physics.

5. Thinking about all the funny words that start with ph. Phalanges, phalanx, phlebotomy, phlox, philatrics. This really isn't something that I should be doing, it's just a natural progression.

6. Admitting that I made that last ph word up. It sounded right so I went with it.

7. Getting new hobbies rather than sitting here looking stuff up on the internet (like philatrics).

8. Thinking of ways to bring about world peace.

9. Becoming emboldened by my world peace plan and begin writing Obama to tell him about the ideas that will change the world.

10. Looking up "Obama personal email" on the internet.

11. Finding words such as philanthropist and philanderer (interesting juxtaposition don't you think).

12. Getting distracted and abandoning plan.

13. Wondering if a pharmacist ever used philodendron to ease the pharyngeal reflex.

14. Deciding that of all my talents, procrastination may be one of my finest.


  1. no way...if you were spending less time on the computer you wouldn't have had the time to comment/view/enter my giveaway. which, BTW, YOU WIN! haha
    i decided to go ahead and post that info here first. everyone else will see it tomorrow.

  2. Mmmmmm.

    I bet I can beat you at procrastination any day. Let's start that competition tomorrow.