Monday, November 8, 2010

The Amazing Race

An Existential Running Haiku 
by Debbie


 I run.
Therefore I am. 

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. 

Okay, so not really a haiku. But existential nonetheless.

On Saturday I ran a race. A 10k. I'm not a big racer, nor have I every really considered myself a real runner before but something amazing happened on Saturday. I had FUN. Running. I was funning.
Landon and I before the race. It was ridiculously cold. I mean, really, seriously cold. See his little hands?
Those are socks. Never call me unprepared.
The main reason why it was so much fun was because I had friends there to run with me. I've done other races solo and, honestly, it's just not that fun having no one to high five. The race was a recovery race for two of the girls who ran a marathon a few weeks ago and for the other two of us - we just had nothing better to do on a Saturday morning. And we enjoy pain. 

Rachel (the instigator), me, Casey & Jen (the marathoners). Thank goodness for good friends who force you to get off your butt and do something with your life. 
So like I said, I had a lot of fun while running. Like more than I should have. Like I tried really hard not to sing out loud along with my ipod for most of the way. I can't say I succeeded in that effort.
All the women who are independent, Throw your hands up at me
The best part of any race is the last 10 feet before the finish. It's honestly the reason you run anything in the first place - for those last 10 feet. After you finish you kind of just hang out for a second, raid the free food and try not to step in anyone's throw up. But during those 10 feet the world is a wonderful, magical place.

See the guy in red? We were neck and neck for the last half mile until he really put on the speed at the last second. I guess he didn't want to be beaten by a girl. The only thing that made me feel better is that he immediately went to the side and started dry heaving. Then I felt bad for feeling better about that. It's a vicious cycle.
Okay, so maybe the real reason that I had so much fun at the race is because I actually got an award. Me! An award! For funning! I came in 3rd place in my age group for females. Wearing blue jackets. With brown hair. Named Debbie. (Wait, and I only got 3rd place? Dang it! Next race I'm signing up as Alice Angelos).
Me and my 3rd place plaque. I'm going to hang it in our office next to Tyler's medical diploma. Just so everyone knows we're a power couple.
PS - Check out Landon taking the opportunity to escape. He kept trying to run over the finish line. I guess he knows all about those last 10 feet too. 

So that was my amazing race. Hopefully they'll be more in the future. In the meantime, who wants to go funning?


  1. I love your haiku! Oh my goodness, you had me laughing out loud. Girl, you rocked this race! I hope you really do hang that plaque somewhere special. And, the very thought of signing up for the half in May already gets my adrenaline going. I'm totally up for some more funning. Hopefully I'll have as much fun as you did. haha.

  2. YAY Deb! i'm so proud of you. congrats on your 3rd place. that is a huge accomplishment. definitely makes you and Tyler THE power couple. Trev and i will just hang in your shadow... :)

    ps. i loved Landon in the jacket. sigh.

  3. That is awesome! Wow, I am impressed and you look so shiny and happy and beautiful even after the race.

    I am always a little skeptical when people say they had fun running a long distance (more than 1 mile) in cold weather. But you sound almost believable, or at least like you believe it.

  4. Debbie, this is Allison Scoville, you are hilarious. I just discovered your blog from Blushing Basics and I can't stop reading them because I'm laughing out loud. I hope to be funning once this next bundle of joy makes his debut. Way to go!