Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 Reasons Not to Marry a Doctor

"Find a nice doctor to marry," your Mom always said. "Have some security in life," said your Grandma. "Wouldn't it be nice to have someone we could call for free medical advice?" said your Father.

Sure, sure. It's all fun and games and a free tummy tuck to the rest of you. But little does anyone know the reality of hospital widowhood.

So to all of you parents out there pushing your daughters (or sons) to the door of the medical school to find a nice doctor, here are five reasons you might want to redirect them to the business school instead:

1. He will come home with blood on his nice khaki pants and when you freak out that he's bleeding he will calmly reassure you by saying "don't worry, it's not my blood."

2. When you try to move his pager he says not to touch it because you "don't want to know where that's been." Even though it's sitting on the kitchen table. In your spot.

3. Three words: Colorectal Surgery Rotation.

4. Your husband is gone so much that your son starts calling random men "Dada." This makes for painfully awkward conservations at church.

5. When everyone else is making themselves merry with presents and way too much eggnog on Christmas, your husband is working a 30 - hour shift. And his wife and child are hanging out pretending it's just another Saturday. (Insert sympathetic scrunching of face here).

Or if, like me, all of these reasons to not marry a doctor pale in comparison to actually being married to the person that you love most then go on and be Mrs. Dr.

But don't say I never warned you.


  1. Oh aren't you sweet to end it with your love for Tyler! Hearing your stories sound like so much fun. I followed your advice I married into commercial construction, they work 12 hour shifts but not holidays and not nights. Money isn't bad either...LOL!!

  2. ah gee, i'm tempted to have a lot of sympathy for you. actually i do. i love your sense of humor about it all!

  3. hmmm...if only i had received this information 8 years ago.
    who am i kidding? i still woulda done it.

  4. Im still on the denial stage maybe becuase i love him so much, and trust me its not about paper rock and scissor